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 2016 to present

There is a series of "stones" placed in the sea bead on the Cascais bay area that has captured my imagination for almost 10 years. My mind creates pathways to heaven or hell, ancient gods used this strip to walk on earth. It has put a spell on me, the cubic blocks of construction, misaligned and abandoned. I am currently working on a series, using photography, 3D modeling to create a Pedras NFT series of digital ar, photograpgy and animation. 

Giant Steps
2022.01.22 Pedras 1 Wire Abrastract PS1
2022.01.23 Pedras 2 Wires Abstract Color Backg 2 PS1
2022.01.23 Pedras Abstract Transparency Stripes 1 PS1
2022.01.23 Abstract Tranparency 1 copy
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