Fugue 1, op 87
Fugue 2, op 88
Fugue 4, op 90
Fugue 5, op 91
Fugue 6, op 92
Fugue 7, op. 93
Fugue 11, op 97
Fugue 16, op. 102
Ponte | Episode Diminutio
Stretto Diminutio
Exposition Diminutio
Ponto de Fuga _ Vanishing Point
Stretto 1
Stretto 2
Tema em Maior | Augmentation
Exposição | Exposition
Land | red
Land | pedra da gávea
S33 | angra dos reis
S33 2
S33 1
S33 5
S33 6
S33 7
S33 | of gold
Land 1
Land 2
Land 3
Land 4
Land | body
Land | branches
Black 1
Black 2
Black 5
SER 1 | Espaço dos Exílios _ Cascais
SER 4 | Vila Itália
SER 3 | Vila Cascais
SER 5 | Santa Marta


June 2011

Of the French "fugue" or of the Italian "fugue" both coming from Latin fugare (chase) and fugere (fugir). It is about the musical diversity, the landscapes and its peculiar rhythms. It's about the fleeing moments of observation, when I dilute myself into a much larger proportion, and tentatively capture infinites. It was instructive and challenging to mold materials with rhythm.


September 2009

Land & S33 results from multiple meanings the English language allows, since Land is Land but it is also to land, to disembark and to see and the mix of my 3 different geographies, the effort of reading, understanding and integrating each peculiar codes. I work with grit and painting to the deconstruct line and space, build intuited perspectives and infinite landscapes.


March 2001

The ten pieces I prepared for my first exhibition, shared space with 3 other artist from the "Bicesse group", focused on the basic theme of Cascais, what it meant for each artist. As an Architect I was unable to ignore the allure Cascais houses, the beauty, the variety, the singularity and the history and the stories revealed. Wishing I knew who lived and playing with different scenários in my mind.

© 2017 Marta Lowndes

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S33 | angra dos reis

From Land & S33 series by Marta Lowndes Acrylic on canvas | Abstract painting 127,5x80 cm